Thursday, June 19, 2014

Glendale Week 44 * June 16, 2014

Hi there!

This week has been rather slow. Slow, as in we have not been teaching
many investigators. We have been talking with everyone on the street
 and that has been going great! We are meeting lots of new people 
and all but it seems to me that for all the nice they are, they are
 not interested in learning. They just like where they are at.
 I can see where they come from. I mean if a Catholic asked 
me if I wanted to learn more about there religion I if would probably tell
them that I already have a church and politely move on. That's exactly
what happens to us. But hey we keep going. We found this kid named
Jet. He is from the Philippines and has only been in the U.S. for two
years. He was walking to the bike shop because his car broke down and
he needed a mode of transportation. He told us one of his friends is
serving a mission in the Philippines right now! We were so stoked. We
knew he would want to know what his friend believed in and why he went
on a mission. We offered to go to his house and teach him and he said
yes. We exchanged information and off he went. When we got home we
looked up the address and he lived outside our area! Dang! But I sent
the information to the right missionaries and I hope they were able to
get in contact with him!

We went to dinner with our ward mission leader to get some pizza and
the girl at the counter seemed like she needed to hear about the
church. So our ward mission leader set the ball up on the tee and we
were able to introduce ourselves and get an appointment with her. She
was super nice and really did seem interested. I was blown away. It
really is crazy just how much people are willing to listen to you if
you are nice to them and if they care about God. She had no religion
in her life up to this point so we were excited to teach her. But...
Are you ready for this? She lived outside our area too! Haha. Double

Our ward has been super helpful when it comes to giving us names of
people to go by and see during the week. They are really doing some
good work. When we don't have these appointments we are going and
meeting ALL the less actives in the area and inviting them to come to
church. No luck yet but we will prevail! We did talk to this one lady
named Penny Roper who lives in a retirement center. She cannot come to
church because of her health so we went to her. She talked and talked
and we just listened. I think she liked talking. She told us
everything. It was so cool to see her open up and be so proud of her
grand kids and children. I think she needed someone to talk to more
then anything. We didn't mind at all. I found out that she used to
live in Simi Valley and went to the Santa Susanna third ward! How cool
is that! I thought it was quite amazing.

Brother Fullmer goes into surgery tomorrow at 7:00am to have his knee
replaced. If you could keep him in your prayers that would be amazing.
He will be out of the house for three weeks so we are going to try
really hard not to burn it down... Maybe you should pray for us to!

I love you all! Thank you to Hannah, my Grandma and everyone who has
been sending their love. It really helps!

Until next time,

Elder Cole Safford

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Glendale Week 43 *June 9, 2014

Hey, how are you!

This week went by really fast because of transfers. They always do. We
don't find out Until Tuesday afternoon what is going to happen to us
so the waiting is the worst part! It's antagonizing. We were sitting
around debating on whether or not to go shopping because if I'm
getting transferred I don't want to have to cart around groceries
haha. Elder Thompson was going around saying how his fate was sealed
and how he would stay but it was up in the air as to what would happen
to the rest of us. We all laughed and continued to wait. Then it
happened, the text came. And guess what! Only Elder Thompson was
getting transferred! He was blown away. The next while consisted of
packing and reminiscing of all the good times. He was hoping to get
out of this dang heat but secretly I did to want him too. Because I
had to stay and endure, so should he. haha.

On Wednesday we had the actual transfers. Elder Thompson got called up
North. Again! To serve in Cottonwood. That lucky duck! My new companion
is Elder Bradley Lewis from Columbus Georgia. He is an amazing
missionary. He has come out on his missions a little later in life but
that has made such a difference. He has a drive like I have never seen
and he is so excited about the work. Everyday is a pleasure and a new
adventure with him. I am constantly laughing my head off and having a
blast. The work will move forward swiftly here in this ward. I am so

One thing that I have been struggling with ever since I stepped foot
off the plane is talking with everyone in the streets as we ride to
and from appointments. I've tried to be better but it's hard if you're the
only one doing it. But elder Lewis is determined to do it. He is
always looking for ways to introduce the gospel and he looks to me to
follow him and at times lead. It is amazing the amount of success that
we have been able to see just by doing this. There was this one lady
name Hermie that was doing some yard work. We asked if we could help
and she said no. But elder Lewis was persistent to share with her the
blessings of the gospel. We started talking about her family and found
out her husband had passed away. I took out a plan of salvation
pamphlet and testified of it to her. She was so impressed. She asked
if we had a Book of Mormon. We said we had one but we would only give
it to her if we could explain it. She gave us five minutes of her time
but as we started to read and feel the spirit that turned into twenty
five minutes. It was amazing. I could not stop smiling. It was so much
fun. I haven't felt this way for a long time. I am smiling even as I
write this email to you now. That is how powerful the spirit is as we
do the work of our Lord.

Brother Fullmer has gone to Maine to visit his son so we have the house
to ourselves. Man it is so apparent just how much he does for us. He
is so good to us. I am so excited to see how this work starts to move.
We are in finding mode and I know The Lord will see our efforts and
double them. He will give us the opportunity to teach because He knows
we really want it. I just have to keep up the faith and the effort of
finding all that I can. I love you all. Keep up the great work and
keep moving forward. Never give up hope. There is light at the end of
the tunnel and a Savior there to help us along.

Love Elder Cole Safford

last pic with Elder Thompson

Sister missionaries and me and Elder Lewis