Monday, February 10, 2014

Glendale Week 26 *February 10, 2014

Hey anyone who still looks at this blog to see how I am doing,

This week has been great. It is amazing how fast time goes by when you
are having fun everyday. For the first time on my mission I am loving
with another set of elders and it is a constant party I. The house.
There is always something to do or see. It makes that times when we
don't have anything to do go by and the times when we are supposed to
be serious a little harder to be serious. We just got some news that
they are trying to find the other elders a house that is I. Their area
so they don't have to bike 5 miles to get into their area everyday.
None of us want it to happen and if it does I know that this house is
going to get a lot more quiet. It will be a bummer for sure. Hopefully
it takes a while for them to find a living situation and by the time
they do I will be gone. One can only hope I guess.

The work in the area is progressing pretty rapidly. I am excited to
see where it goes and I am going to try my best to push it along as
fast as I can. The ward has had a bit of a dry spell for the past
couple of months which usually means that the work blows up. We have
been working with an older woman named Karen for the past couple of
weeks and she has finally decided on a date to be baptized. March 8th.
She has a problem when it comes to letting us teach her instead of us
just sitting there and listening to her life story and her problems.
It is funny. As missionaries you want to be very friendly and nice to
people so they see you care but at the same time if you just let them
get way off topic from day one then that is all they will ever do
whenever you go over there. I am pretty sure that I know more about
Karen then I do my own companion haha. She is a crack up but I love
her. We have set appointments two items a week and we told her if she
wants to be baptized she will have to let us teach her. She promised
to let us do that so I hope it works out. We have been doing all we
can to help the ward see that they need to become the best member
missionaries they can be and they are really getting into it. They are
giving us leads on people to go and see and are willing to come out
with us when we need them to. Right now we are working with 4
investigators and we are hoping to have them all on date in the next

Since coming on my mission I have really come to the reality that
people fall away from the church more often because of something that
a bishop or someone else in the church did that they are not happy
with. They don't understand that this church is run by imperfect
people because that's all God has to work with. They think that since
people in the church make mistakes and are imperfect that the church
is false and that they don't need it in their lives. It is so
frustrating because they are so set in their decision to be away from
the church that they will not listen to a word that we have to say. I
hope and pray that you keep an open merciful mind and remember that
humans make mistakes and that doesn't make the church untrue. All you
have to do is listen to your heart and what the Holy Ghost tells you.
I know that life gets rough and towards the second coming of Christ
the gap between the followers of Christ and the ones that despise him
will grow deeper and wider. The advisary is trying all that he can to
pull people away from the truth by deterring them with seemingly
important things. Hold to the rod and never let to for one moment.
The moment that you do the path gets very narrow and the fog around
you gets thick.

Thank you for all of the letters that I have been receiving. I am
always so excited to open up the mailbox and see a white envelope with
my name on it. It makes my day. Special thanks goes to my grandma
Judy, my sister Alex and my mom. My mom pulled all the stops and gave
me one of the best valentines I could have ever received. I know she
had a little help from my grandma and that made it even better. I even
was so lucky to get Ticos Tacos all the way from California. (delivered by 
wonderful Brother Thronock) Any of you who spent any time with me 
know how much I love that place. I was so stoked.It was the best day of my life.
 Not figuratively but you know what I mean.

Until next time
Elder Cole Safford
My new companion Elder Neilsen

Arizona sky

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