Monday, July 6, 2015

Peoria Week 98 *July 6. 2015

Hey there!

This week was a tough one for Elder Bunn. On Monday we decided that it
would be a good idea to go jump around on a trampoline at this place
called SkyZone. We were all having a blast for about 10 minutes and
then someone tried to convince Elder Bunn to do a backflip. Mind you
that he has never done a front or a back flip ever on his life. I told
him I would stand next to him and try to spot him. Well he didn't
exactly know what he was doing and no one told him what to do so he
just trusted that I would catch him if things were going to end badly.
Well let's just say I was kicked off the Olympic spotters team due to
a lack of skill. He totally only made it halfway and landed straight
on his neck in the worst way possible. He sat out for the next 50
minutes while we all finished our jumping session. We got him checked
out by a chiropractor and everything was fine except that his neck
muscles were super sore for the next few days. Then on the 4th of July
we had to be someplace safe after 6:00pm so we all met up at the stake
center to play some basketball. Then it was Elder Bunn's ankles turn
to get hurt. He went up for a pass and came down on top of another
elders foot and totally rolled his entire ankle. It was all swollen
and bruised up. In our stake we have some podiatrists so they took a
look at it and nothing severe was done. He did have to cruise around
church on Sunday with crutches. It was pretty funny.

For the 4th of July we had a normal missionary day until 6:00 and that
is when we went to play some sports. After the incident with the ankle
we went back to our house with some other missionaries and climbed on
the roof to watch the fireworks that we put on by the Peoria Sports
Complex. It was a good show and we had a blast hanging out, talking
and drinking too much Mountain Dew. For our YSA family home evening
someone had the fantastic idea to play Quidditch like in Harry Potter.
Let me tell you what! That was the best dang game I have ever played.
Everyone has to pretend to fly around on a broom and there are
positions and different plays. It was a blast. I had the chance to be
the Chaser, which is the only person that can shoot the ball for
points. Over the course of the game I scored 8 shots! It was so much
fun. And a bonus was they got some sweet pictures haha.

Rob and Alexis are still progressing towards baptism. We had a really
great lesson with them all about the plan of salvation and where we go
after this life. Normally this is a source of some serious questions
from investigators but they both accepted it all and we're excited
about the fact that they could live with their family forever. I know
that if they would just make the effort to come to church consistently
that they would be ready for baptism. We are working on that part. I
am excited to just keep helping them and I know that whenever they
decide this is the right path for them then they will be fantastic
members of the church. We have a bunch of other investigators that are
so close to wanting to keep taking the missionary lessons but for now
they are just unsure. We are working with the ward members to help
fellowship these people and invited them to activities. We should see
some good things happening soon.

Thanks you all for the things you do each day. Keep being awesome and
I will talk to you next week. Love you!

Elder Cole Safford

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