Monday, August 25, 2014

Glendale Week 52 *August 13, 2014

Why hello there!

The past seven days has been chalk full of funny little moments as
well as amazing spiritual ones. I think that I have been missing out
on events that I am apart of because my brain has been someplace else
as they were taking place. I have really been working on being where I
am when I am there. When we have a lot going on we tend to try and
multi task but often that leads us to be caught up in our own head and
just going through the motions with our bodies. It's a tough thing not
to do but I am determined haha. I don't know why but I feel like I
have to share my little personal findings with all of you. I think
it's in the hope that I can be a help to someone struggling. I just
don't want you to struggle with something that I have been working on
or found a slight solution too you know? If you don't like it I can
just tell you about my week and not go in Cole the philosopher, but if
you don't say anything I will just keep going haha.

Anyways we had an amazing lesson with Amber and Tim. They are not
married yet but have been together so long the state of Arizona sees
them as common law married. Amber cannot be baptized if they are not
married so we needed to talk to them about this before we get too
close to her baptismal date. We really wanted to help them see into
the further as to where they want to go and where God wants to see
them go. That is to the temple of The Lord of course. So we prepared
and shared a great lesson on the temple and the blessings that come to
our lives as we continually go and make the promises with God. Tim was
really excited and wanted to jump right into it but Amber had a few
reservations about time and it all happening too fast. To be honest I
was so happy that she said that. It shows that she really cares about
the decision she is making. She wants it to be the right time and at
her pace. Wonderful. I couldn't be more stoked for her. And them. They
are a great family and will be so much happier when they make these
promises together!

Our other investigators are Rachel and her 15 year old daughter
Vanesa. They are both so ready for the gospel. Rachel has a few hang
ups but nothing that time won't heal. Vanesa on the other hand is
progressing so rapidly. She used to be a little shy but has opened up
a to. And is so happy now. The young women's program in our ward has
helped SO much. They are always inviting her to things and giving her
rides. The young women's president is simply amazing. She is so upbeat
and so willing to help all in need. She is the person that Vanesa
really needed. I was just privileged enough to get to introduce them.
Vanesa is set to be baptized on August 23rd! She is excited and we are
excited for her. Big things to come in her life. She will be great.

We are continuing to have the best member lessons ever. The ward is
completely behind us and trusts us which is great. You know what they
say... It's takes a long time to gain the trust of those around you
but just one poor choice to lose it. We are trying not to lose their
trust for future missionaries sake haha. It's the worst when a ward
doesn't trust it's missionaries. Not much gets done. But we have the
trust and are using it to get work done. Plus our ward mission leader
is doing good things. He knows how to talk to people and how to get
them on board with what we want to have happen.  Funny story about
him, we asked if there was anything we could do for him and he said
"wash my car." So on Saturday afternoon we went to wash his car. He
had the idea that we should also wash the neighbors cars. We all went
up to the door and this was his pitch. "Hi. I'm Mr. Taylor your
neighbor and these are some youth from my church. Today is their super
service Saturday and they need to get 10 hours of service so that they
can get their service patch. Would you help them by letting them wash
your car?" Hahahaha you know what... It worked. And we got our service
patch!! Finally!

Side note I hit 3000 miles on my bicycle on Wednesday! Crazy.

We have been trying to get ahold of this less active family that the
ward asked us to go by but couldn't ever catch the dad. We probably
tried over ten times in the past 6 months. Nothing. Well last night we
stopped by off a whim and he was there! They were just about to play
Yahtzee and invited us in to play. It was so great. We just chatted
with them and played Yahtzee. Elder Thomas crushed us all. And I came
in a mediocre 3rd. But the more important thing was that we finally
were able to meet them. Elder Thomas is so funny. So I honestly think
he would forget his head on the counter if it was not attached to his
body aha. He will just randomly space out in visits with people and be
there physically but mentally he is gone. It is so funny. We will get
out of the house and he will be like "dude I missed all of that. What
happened in there!" Haha we always have a good laugh. Lately though it
has been him running into bushes while on his bike. We will just be
riding along and them bam. There he is nose first on some bush on the
side of the path haha. Super entertaining. He is amazing though. Love
him to death.

Well that's all folks. Tune in next week to see the adventures of
Safford and Thomas. Broadcast on Mondays from 10am to 6pm. See you

Elder Cole Safford

When I hit 3000 miles!

Our "man" tower

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