Monday, August 25, 2014

Glendale Week 51 *August 4, 2104

Hello. Hi. How are you?

Things are picking up here. Slowly but surely we are seeing more and more people want to learn about the gospel that haven't heard it before. It's really exciting. I don't really know what has changed. We are just working everyday trying to do what we know is right. God really does know what we need. It's interesting to see how things play out when there is no one but him to lean on. He just wants what's best for us. And patience is the key in all of it. It really is. 

We are still working with Amber and seeing the changes that she is making. She asked us last week about baptism. She wants to know when she can be baptized because she wants one of us to be the one to do it. We know for sure that elder Thomas leaves august 26th so she wants to shoot for August 23rd. It's going to be a long shot and a lot of hard work but I really think it can happen. We just have to work diligently as well as directly. It really helps in the learning process if you are just short, simple and to the point. Cutting the fluff is not easy but it makes a world of difference. Her husband has started to come back to church and he is bringing his less active mother with him which is amazing. The family is so important. We really need to make sure that the foundation we are all built on is sturdy and we are on it together. 

Rachel was out of town for the past week so we could talk with her but we asked her 15 year old daughter Vanessa if she would like to learn more and she said yes! After the first lesson she also asked about baptism. We wanted to know why he he would ask. She said it was because she was scared of making decisions and wanted help. We testified about the power of the Holy Ghost and it's role in our lives is to help us to just that, make decisions. It was a very powerful moment. She was pretty shy at first but as we have befriended her and helped her meet the young women in the ward she has really opened up. I really believe that positively talking to people helps them to believe more in themselves and really become the best they can be. Negativity doesn't do a whole lot of good. We plan to continue teaching her and prepare her for baptism on August 23rd. 

The ward here is picking up in its missionary efforts too the calendar we set up has been a hit and everyone is looks at it and helping us get appointments. Most of the appointments are with less actives but they need the help just as much so we don't mind. Any chance we can we are talking to people and inviting. Invitations are key. If we don't invite they won't act. And that's what will help them come closer to god. Acting. That's what our zone meeting on Friday was centered on. Agency. Both on the part of the investigators, members and the missionaries. It really is a united effort. 

We did some service this week. It was great. We put up a guys wall at his house! Got to use all sorts of new tools and really have fun with it. I learned a ton and it just feels good to be able to see the immediate results of my efforts. It was nice weather for the job. No one got sunburned and we all made it out alive. We topped it off with some Pizza! Classic. It's monsoon season here so the possibility of rain each day is high. Which makes me happy because I love riding in the rain! Haha

Well I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week! Good luck to those starting school. Make this year a good one. I am starting my second year in the mission. It's like I am fresh out. I just want to keep it that way and not get burnt out! We will see. 

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford 

I took this picture while trying to preoccupy Alex (2) and the little teacup chihuahua named Drama while we were teaching Amber haha. And don't mind the pepper in my teeth. I was saving it for later. 

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