Monday, July 28, 2014

Glendale Week 50 *July 28, 2014


As I was telling you last week we have been working a lot with active
members by teaching them the actual lesson as outlined in preach my
gospel. This does two things : helps elder Thomas and I to become
better teachers and it's brings the spirit so strongly into the homes
of those we teach. The idea was to go into their homes with the
preface that they were going to help us become better teachers. Little
do they know that as they listen to the simple pure doctrine of the
gospel their spirits are lifted and their conversion is deepened. I
have seen it help the multiple families that we have already done it
with. I have also seen it bless my own teaching and gives me a lot to
work on. It is a great step in the right direction for this ward. I
think it will help a ton. We usually have these appointments set up by
the leaders of the different auxiliaries and most importantly by our
ward mission leader. They do this through a google calendar. It has
made our schedule readily available to all that need to see it. And it
also holds us a little more accountable to stay busy and working hard.

This ward and I am pretty sure all of Arizona is great at keeping us
missionaries well fed. There are so many families in this ward that I
just love to go socialize with and eat their delicious food! This past
week we ate with a few of my favorites. I don't know what it is but I
feel like a normal person when we go over their and we get talking and
have just a normal conversation. I don't know what it is about
missionary work but it makes me feel a little abnormal. Maybe it's the
white shirts or the biking around in pants. I don't know.  But it is
nice to just relax and unwind a little. One of our dinners even had a
batting cage in their backyard that we were able to go and play in. We
broke a sweat and I just about broke elder Thomas' head with my fast
ball hahaha.

This past Friday we had an amazing district meeting. It was centered
on our individual purpose for being out on our missions. There was a
few questions that helped narrow down our mindset ad help us focus on
the things that really matter. 1: what got you out on a mission? 2:
why are you still here? 3: what is your end goal? 4: who do you want
to be when you return home? As you can see all of these questions are
centered around each one of us personally. They are kind of selfish.
The whole purpose behind missionary work is to help others. Turning
outward and forgetting about what we want. It is a hard thing to do
and there was only ever one man that was perfect at it and that was
Jesus Christ himself. But we can all do a little better everyday.
Improvement is all that is asked of us.

We have been doing as many little things as we can to enjoy the time
out here. There is a saying "if you are not having fun they you are
doing it wrong." There are so many little things like wrestling,
having nerf wars, playing Munchkin, jumping our bikes, taking funny
pictures, talking to complete strangers, ect. A few days ago we found
this old swing hanging off a pretty old branch that was over a huge
mud pitt. Elder Thomas grabbed the swing and jumped on. He started
swinging and planned to jump across the mud and land safely on the dry
grass about 5 ft in front of him. He attempted to jump but his arm got
caught and he almost face planted into the mud but saved it! He then
regained his composure and tried again. Success. He was so nervous but
it was so funny. We have been doing a bit of service around the town
and it has been fun. We have been stating in shape and still to this
day i have not gained a single pound. Impressive I know.

Today Elder Thomas finally got his Visa! He leaves for Brasil on
August 26th. Which is a normal transfer day. Needless to say I will
have a new companion in 4 weeks time. I am stoked for him and I know
he will do great out there. The other elder that is here waiting
hasn't had any news and I am sure it's been tough on him. I just hope
he gets his soon too!

Well I love you all. Have a good week!

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford

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