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Glendale Week 49 *July 22, 2014

Hey hey hey!

The time that we spend doing what we love is never wasted. Each moment that I am out here I find more and more reasons to love God and the people that I come into contact with. If there is any advice I could give to my younger self and to all of you it would be to build the best relationship you can with God. He is someone you can rely on, trust in and always talk to. We may not understand why things happen but it is not because He hates us. He wants us to grow and we grow the most when we are pushed and tried. I have come to appreciate trials now more then I ever thought I would. They make my creativity come out and make me a stronger person. Plus it's a ton of fun trying different things and finding what works and what doesn't. 

Elder Lewis' stay with me was brief but he did more for me in that six weeks then I thought I needed him to. He really has a way about him to feel the spirit and to act on the promptings that he received. It's a trait that I want to develop for sure. My new companion is Elder Garrett Thomas from Allen Texas. He is 19 and came out 6 months ago. He was assigned to labor in the GoiĆ¢nia Brasil mission but they are having some trouble getting visas so he came here to serve until he can go there. I am so grateful that we are companions. He is so excited about the work and so ready to get stuff done. I have been in the area for a little while now so my idea tank was running a bit low. But he has so many new ideas that are going to help out a ton. It is going to be cool to see the area grow and be able to be a part of it all. 

This week we taught our continual investigators of Amber and Rachel. They are both coming along great. We also have been going around teaching the ward members and getting help to become better teachers. That has been a big blessing in itself. I feel so much more confident going in to teach a non member because I know what to do and what not to do. Haha. Since we have the newest in technology as far as missionaries go we are using it to the best of our ability and trying to make it the most effective. We are currently working to get calendars set up on all the members phones/ computers so that they can see our schedule and let us know when we can come over to teach them. It will help out a ton and I know that we will be blessed a ton in the future. 

I have been getting really good at doing long wheelies on my bike in the past 12 months. There has only been two time in my mission where someone has yelled at us and told us to do a wheelie. This week was one of those times. A group of twenty year olds where hanging out at this house and someone yelled at us calling us nerds and asking us to do a wheelie. I did. And it was awesome. They all cheered and said they believed in Jesus and that we weren't the nerds they presumed. It was a proud moment. Elder Thomas was like "boy I sure am glad you can do wheelies. I would have looked like an idiot" haha. Then another night we were riding past a group of Hispanics having a party on their front lawn and they invited us over to have a snow cone and a beer. We took the snow cone. They had obviously been out there for sometime because they were all pretty intoxicated but it was a blast just talking to them. They were nice guys and in the end they just wanted us all to be equal and to be one. 

The other night I was walking in our room and the lights were off and I knew I didn't want to kick my bed so I was really careful. Little did I know elder Thomas decided to leave out his luggage. My pinky town found it. And my head found the floor surprisingly fast. I was writhing in pain and everyone was laughing at me. It hurt so bad. Ugh it was the worst!
Now that we have two new people living in brother Fullmers we are back to doing our pranks and having a blast. We all get along great and it makes the days much more exciting and we look forward to when we are all here together. It really helps to have a little escape every once in a while. I think we need that as humans. A destresser if you will. We are trying not to burn down the house or kill one another, so don't worry mom. 

Thank you all for everything that you do. People around you really appreciate it even if they have a hard time saying it. We need to do things for the sheer love we have for others and not so much for a recognition. God will recognize it and bless us abundantly. I love you all! Have an amazing day. 

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford

My new companion Elder Lewis

Elder Thomas

The "hangover" burger

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