Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Glendale Week 47 *July 7, 2014

Hello to all!

I hope that you all enjoyed your 4th of July. We were able to have a
BBQ with brother Fullmer and his children. It's a rule for us here
that on major holidays we have to be in our apartments at 6:00 for
safety reasons so they all came over then and we just hung out. It was
really relaxing and a ton of fun. The other bonus was now we have a
ton of left over food that we get to eat and we don't have to cook
haha. That's always nice for sure.

On Wednesday we had our very first interview and interaction with the
new mission president. His name is president Spencer Griffin from
Billings Montana. He is an older guy and owned a ranch and car
dealership. He is very soft spoken but loves to just talk. It's a big
change from the previous president who hardly ever talked but when he
did it was bold and powerful. But I do like this new president. He is
super genuine and really just wants to help us build even further. He
told me that I remind him and his wife alot of their youngest son. He
says I act the same and look similar and have the same attitude. I
hope that this isn't a bad thing haha. In our interview I knew that
you only have one chance to make a first impression so I just showed
him my best self. I wasn't fake and overly loving but just showed him
the respect that he deserves. I know that there are many good things
to come from him. He has a lot of ideas and is really excited to
implement them. It's going to be a good year.

We have been teaching Rachel twice a week and things have been going
great. We went over the plan of salvation and really focused on the
family. She has some great kids and I know that she really loves them.
Teaching about the importance of family is one of my favorite things
to teach because it really hits home haha. She accepted Heavenly
Fathers plan once before so we and she are praying that she will do it
again in this life. Then we taught her about the importance of prayer,
church attendance and scripture study. I think that she already knows
the importance of these things but it is just continually doing them
that's the hard part. We testified to her that these things, as
repetitious as they seem, are the things that overtime transform us
into the individuals God knows we can be and the people we want to
become. I have seen so many blessings coming from these principles so
I really hope she sees the blessings that come to her as she studies
and grows in the gospel. The other investigator is Amber. She is
learning quick and has accepted the invitation to be baptized. We are
happy for her and I know her husband is too.

There was repeated warnings for a dust storm this week and we never
once listened to them because the last time we got the warning there
wasn't even a slight breeze haha. We got out of a lesson and we saw
the storm clouds rolling in and felt the breeze start to pick up so we
started peddling our little butts off to get home. I felt like I was
in Harry potter running from he huge storm that was soon to befall us.
I was like yelling GO GO GO!! Haha. It was so much fun but at the same
time it was kinda scary. Just as we were passing this empty dirt lot
the wall of wind hit us and so did tons of dirt and debris. We ran and
got behind a wall and that blocked all of the dust from hitting us. We
waited the storm out and then finished riding home. Just as we got
home we heard the rain pounding the roof and went outside to see it.
It was really cool. The storms are always amazing here though. We were
safe and sound in the house so it was all good.

We have been trying to get to know all of the ward. And when I say all
of the ward I mean every single member that lives in this area. Less
active, old, young and everyone in between. We have officially knocked
on every door in the ward roster! Yeah we were pretty excited haha. We
have been making notes on people just so that when we see them we
kinda know who they are and don't have to ask again haha. It's saving
our butts and making us seem much more knowledgable to the ward.

I hope you all have a great day! Go out and make it special

Until next week

Elder Cole Safford

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