Monday, November 3, 2014

Peoria Week 61 *October 18, 2014

Hey hey hey!

Transfers came and I found myself in a brand new area with a new companion. But not to worry they are both great. For the first time in my mission I get to cover a YSA ward which is for singles from the ages of 18-32. Let me tell you it is a huge change coming from a family ward to this! Luckily I have an amazing companion who has been here for a little while and has the show on lock. He knows what's going on and that has been very comforting to me. His name is Elder Zach Allen from Lewiston Utah. He has been here in Arizona serving for 18 months. Which means he is in the prime of his mission. He is trained and ready to swing at full speed. We are going to work hard. At first I though the relationship we had would be rocky but luckily we have found our similarities and have become good friends. Like my mom and dad always say "Attitude is everything". I believe that now more then ever. 

We live in a casita behind some members and we have a pretty sweet little set up. The casita is big and has 3 rooms and a nice living room. Right now we have another set of missionaries living with us while their apartment gets renovated. Which means more fun for us. They are also zone leaders so we go to the same meetings and are able to have a good time. The house is a little messy with suitcases due to the lack of storage room but we are making due. It has just been a week of firsts for me and the best one is that we have a TRUCK. Yep that's right. No more bikes for me. It's great. We don't sweat and we never have to ask for rides. My hair always looks great and I can wear whatever I want that would have otherwise been ruined on a bike. The only downfall is that I am way more tired at night as we are getting close to like 7:00 and I don't get to ride a bike, which I really do enjoy. 

Being in a YSA Ward is a lot different because instead of working with complete families and helping them the best we can, we are literally look for single people. One at a time. It is a lot harder then you think. We work a ton through referrals from both members in our ward and other missionaries in other wards. Our members have been working on the inviting part of missionary work. They haven't got their yet but we have seen glimmers of hope. Our bishop, relief society and elders quorum president are amazing. They have been a big blessing. It's weird sitting in sacrament meeting and not hearing the crying of little kids or the crunching of snack foods haha. 

Things are going really great here and I am excited for what the future holds. We have been working hard and that has lead to happiness. I know that if we all lose ourselves and focus on doing what God wants then we can never go wrong. The lord has promised it and he never breaks a promise. He also said that. So that's two birds with one stone. I love you all a ton and hope you have a great day! 

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford 
Our Sunburst ward mission leader Ammon Taylor 

Elder Pemberton


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