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Peoria Week 71 * December 22, 2014

Hello hello,

As we have been working in the Sun Valley family ward we have been
seeing s ton of success in working with the part member families. A
lot of times they just get caught up in life or just don't know if
they are quite ready to make the commitment to be baptized and so they
don't. Then we show up and start to teach them and their hearts are
touched by the Holy Ghost. That's what happened to this new family
that we started to teach this week. The members name is Kevin and he
hasn't been to church in years but comes from a very active family. He is
married toTamara who is a generic Christian and things have been going
great in their lives. We got a referral for them from Kevin's seminary
teacher! How cool is that! Anyways we went over to their apartment to
see if they would be interested and Tamara had tons of questions that
we were able to answer. She is really interested in learning about the
church and having it all make sense in her head.  We are excited for
her and are going to take things slow but still help her along.
Another family that we started to teach is a return less active named
Heather. She has a 10 year old son that is super excited to be
baptized. We went over there to teach the and the very first question
he asked was "So when am I going to be baptized?" Haha. He is so cool.
And really smart. I was definitely not that smart when I was 10.

In Sun Valley our ward mission leader was called to be the second
counselor in the bishopric. They didn't have anyone to replace him for
a few weeks so he was doing double duty. He is a really great guy and
has helped the work a ton. Yesterday we got a new one called. His name
is brother Selin. He has had various callings throughout the church
his whole life but this is the very first time for him to be a ward
mission leader. He is excited about getting to work with us. I hope
that we can start off on a good note and be a very high functioning
ward. I guess only time will tell. It is looking up though.

We had interviews with President Griffin this past Friday and those
went amazing. He really is a unique individual. He is so done to earth
and really understands how people work. He values everyone's different
strengths and is willing to work with them on their personal weakness.
We talked a lot about the zone of which I'm in. He listened to me and
asked for my input on what he could do to make it better. I have never
had that before from such a prominent leader. But he explained that I
get to work with these missionaries all the time and that I know who
they really are, not who they try to be. I know that this mission is
going to do great things because of the person that he is. His
favorite thing to do is talk about how little bits of growth over a
long period of time equals a lot of growth. He is patient and knows we
will improve.

With Christmas right around the corner we decided to make some sweet
Christmas cards. We all put on our red and green ties and added some
vests for fun. It was a blast trying to get everyone in the picture
and trying to find the best type of picture to do. I plan to send them
to people as thank you/ Christmas cards. They will be a treat indeed.

Well I love you all so much. Remember that this time of the year is to
remember christ, our families, and all that we have been blessed with
this year. Go out and celebrate. Have a good time and enjoy the life
you have. Play in the snow for me because my Christmas is dry but
great weather.

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford

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