Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Peoria Week 92 *May 25, 2015

Hey hey!

The weeks are going by too fast. I don't know if that ever happens to
any of you but man it's in full swing. It feels often like all I do is
go to church but there are literally 6 days jam packed in between each
of those Sundays! Time flies when your having fun is what I have to
keep reminding myself. Maybe if I just quit enjoying it I will be out
here longer... Probably not the best thing to do haha.

We were able to find a new investigator this week! That's always a
great feeling in missionary work. His name is Nick and he is the
husband of a less active member of our ward. his wife was a member of
the YSA ward that we cover but after recently being married they have
now transitioned into our family ward lucky enough. He has some
reservations about religion in general but we were able to convince
him to let us come and try out the lessons with him and just see what
he thought. He really is a cool guy and loves to talk. We went over
and had a very simple lesson about the restoration of the gospel
though Joseph Smith. He asked tons of questions which shows he really
is interested. He was grateful that we had come over and had a lesson
with him when it was all said and done. He even set up another
appointment for the next lesson! We hope that they make the choice to
come to church and feel the spirit and want to be closer as a couple.
It really is such a blessing and an opportunity.

I got to go on exchanges this week with an elder from the Philippines
named Elder Gonzales. The first question I asked was if Gonzales is a
common name in the Philippines and he assured me that he was not
Hispanic haha. He has a super thick accent and has only been in the
mission for about three months so he is learning all the time. He
absolutely loves missionary work and just talking to people about the
gospel. We were able to have some lessons while he was here and he
kept asking if we could go to some YSA sisters houses so that he could
get to know them for future reference! I knew he was just joking but
it was so funny to hear him talk about his dreams of living in America
with a southern country girl haha. We are still working on the
sarcasm. It's a tough habit to kick. We are continually giving service
still which is great. I am getting back my farmers tan and making
people smile while we work. It is always a blessing to help those in
need and to get the immediate results from our labor.

There are tons of new people in both our family ward and also in the
YSA due to it being summer break. A bunch of them are here to sell
pest control as a summer sales job. Coincidentally all of them are
returned missionaries and are doing really well at the selling. They
tried to recruit me to come down here after my mission but I told them
that they better not get their hopes up. Haha. We had a unique
sacrament meeting this past weekend in our family ward. It was called
a hymn meeting. Basically different people went up and chose a hymn
that was their favorite and then explained why. Then as a whole group
we sang the hymn and moved onto the next. It was a cool way to feel
the spirit talk through the words and music of the songs. I really did
enjoy it and I think most of the people there did as well.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and had a great Memorial
Day! We went and played football and ultimate frisbee as a zone. It
was a blast. I will talk to you all next week!

Elder Cole Safford

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