Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Peoria Week 96 *June 22, 2015

Hey hey everyone!

After a lot of hard work and patience we are seeing some serious
blessings come into our area! It has been long awaited but now that it
is here I am so excited at what the next couple of weeks look like. To
start off we found a new investigator in our young single adult ward
named Mike. He lives in Maryland but it engaged to a girl in our ward.
He is taking the missionary lessons in Maryland but wants to be
baptized out here. In order to do that we have to teach him all of the
lessons again. So we started with lesson one over Skype this past
week. He is so excited about learning what he has to do in order to be
baptized and what blessings will come to him as he does so. We are
going to the lessons pretty quick because he just went through them
with the missionaries in Maryland. He is scheduled to be baptized on
July 18 and we meet with him just about every other day over Skype. We
have different members of our ward sitting in on the lessons so that
he can meet some of the people in our ward. His fiancé is really
excited that he is doing this for himself and not just for her. He
will only be in Arizona for a few weeks so that is why we have to
teach them over Skype before he even gets here. It's a little awkward
teaching over the Internet but we make do and spirit can still be

We have a few other potential investigators that want to meet with us
on a regular basis. It is awesome to see people change their lives
after so long of being in contact with the church. They really do have
a deep desire to come closer to their Savior and I love to teach them
and help them feel the spirit. We don't have any that are scheduled to
be baptized just yet but we are working towards that. Alexis and Rob
are still doing awesome and still progressing. We meet with them twice
a week now and they are still excited to learn about the gospel. It's
a process that we are happy to be a part of.

We have been trying to find a way to locate those individuals that are
ready for the gospel message. And the best way that we have found so
far is through the members of our wards. We have been trying to set up
lessons like crazy and go in and first build their faith and
conversion before we invite them to help others do the same. This way
they know without a doubt that the things we teach as missionaries
really do change people's hearts and gets the spirit into people's
homes. That really is the biggest thing. The spirit. I love meeting
with members and learning from their experiences and seeing what they
do in their daily lives. I have really become a people person hahaha.
It's a miracle haha.

We had transfers last week and quite a few of our missionaries got
moved but man we got some really amazing ones in return. They are all
excited about the work and really trying to do the best they can!
That's all we can ask for. They are helping me probably more then I am
am helping them. Thank you all for everything you do. I really
appreciate it and I know you are making a difference.

Until next week,

Elder Cole Safford

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