Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Glendale Week 39 *May 12, 2013

Good afternoon! The earth says hello!

The weeks that you have a significant event waiting for you at the end
of them make time seem to fly by. This event just happened to be
Mother's Day. Many of you know that this day is one of two a year that
I get to Skype home to my family! Oh it is such an amazing
experience haha. It is so good to see their faces and hear their
voices! We have a set amount of time we get to talk with them and it
will never be enough haha. We start talking and don't stop until the
final minute. No matter how long I talk with them I don't think I will
ever be satisfied. There is just so much to talk about and so little
time. It is the worst haha. By the time I hang up I just wish I could
talk for hours. But alas I cannot. But I am glad that the family
hasn't changed one bit. They are all the same! Nothing can or will
ever amount to the sheer bliss I receive after clicking the call
button and hearing them all scream in excitement haha. I love it.

I have told you before but I live with a member of the ward in which I
serve. His name is Ross Fullmer. He is elderly but he is too stubborn
to stop moving haha. Sounds all too familiar. We give him a hard time
and tell him he needs to rest or use his cane but it never works out
too well for us. He usually thumps us on the head and says a funny
comment about where liars go. He is a saint and I love him to death.
The other day he was out doing some yard work. So we all changed our
clothes and ran out there to help him. He didn't want the help but we
told him we were going to do it anyways so he finally accepted. We
mowed his lawn and trimmed the trees and the grass. But the best thing
we did was paint the citrus trees white haha. Yep you heard right.
There is a special paint you out on the lower half of the tree trunk
that keeps the tree cool in the heat and keeps certain bugs off. I
have never painted a tree on purpose before but now I can say I have!!

When you serve in a mission that does not go tracting from door to
door looking for people to talk with, you have to look for others ways
to do it. One way that we have found that is both fun and not very
intrusive is the "cookie drop" and let me tell you it is awesome. So
what we do is have a member bake up a batch of cookies and select one
or two neighbors they want to know better or think could benefit from
the gospel. Then we set up a time to go with them and deliver he
cookies and simply ask the neighbors if we can say a prayer with them.
They either accept or deny. If they accept then we say the prayer and
specifically include things they are struggling with. If they deny
then we leave. Simple as that. I can testify that this works. The
spirit is so strong! It is so great! We did it this week with a family
and I was a success! Wahoo! Another great way that we have been
helping people come closer to Christ is by working with the different
leaders of the auxiliaries. They know they families they work over
much better then we ever will. They know who we need to see and what
we need to do when we get there. It is very effective! I love it!

Hey I love you all! I hope you have a great week!! Talk to you soon.
Until next week,

Elder Cole Safford

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