Thursday, May 29, 2014

Glendale Week 40 *May 19, 2014

Hi everyone!

Now is the time of year that I start to question people's reasons for
living in this state. The temperature has been slowly climbing for a
couple of weeks now and has been consistently in the 100's for the
past few days. I have already survived the summer here once so I know
that I can do it again but my companion was up north last summer so he
is not having any good days. It is pretty funny to hear him complain.
We are so sweaty all the time it is great. If I ever want to go to a
sauna all I have to do is step foot outside and off falls the weight.
Farmers tan here I come!

Ever since I have been in this area it has always been a struggle to
park our bikes in the garage because it is so full of clutter. So this
past week we took the initiative to clean it up and organize. We spent
a solid amount of time on it and in the end we made enough room for a
whole car to fit. Brother Fullmer even tested it out and was amazed.
To be honest we were too haha. It is always fun doing a little
something for brother Fullmer because he does SO much for us and never
asks for anything in return. There was a family moving into the ward
and they asked if we along with some other members would help them
move. We showed up along with four high- priests. Needless to say the
job would have never gotten done if we were not there. It was so much
lifting that I don't need to go to the gym for a good year. I am
looking really good if you ask me! It is always fun moving people that
need the help.

We eat almost every night with members in this ward which is amazing!
I don't think that Mac and cheese and tacos would be so good after a
while. Anyways there was this one member who really wanted to take us
to Chick-fil-A. I have only been there once so I was game for it. The
food was great and we had a good visit. As we were leaving I opened
the front door to the restaurant and in walk the Crandell family from
my first area! I was so stoked to see them. In a way it doesn't even
seem like anything has changed even though I have been away from there
for almost seven months. It was so cool. They made sure to take a
picture and shake hands cause that's all we can do haha. Another
amazing thing that happened because of the members we have is that we
got to go to a trampoline house called jump street! Sister Thrailkill
is a manager there so she hooked us up with some free time! It was so
much fun. Her and her husband are getting ready to enter the temple
and it is so great to be able to see them take these steps. I really
love working with those who are trying to draw closer to God in the
only way they know how. They are both terrific and kind people. I love
them! We are so blessed. We had a lesson with them and really just got
to know them. I think the best way to know people is to obviously talk
with them and just be their friend. I have made so many friends here
and it is al stemmed from simply caring about them.

This week for church was ward conference so we had a priesthood
meeting in the morning. It was a little early for me so I thought that
I wasn't going to be able to make it through the whole thing but then
the speakers started to go and it was wonderful. They all were so
filled with the spirit and gave the best talks. I was so happy that I
got to be there and witness it. I know that they were inspired and
needed to say those things for someone that was in that crowd.

Thank you for the support and love. I cannot thank you enough!

Until next week

Elder Cole Safford

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