Thursday, May 29, 2014

Glendale Week 41 *May 26, 2014


There has been many opportunities this week for me to go out of my
comfort zone and to try things that I have been reluctant to do. I
have found that there is absolutely no growth when you sit there being
content and comfortable with what is going on around you. You have to
take steps into the unknown and try things in order to grow. One night
as we were riding down the street on our way a lady held yelled at us
to stop and come talk with her. I am not the best at talking with
strangers on the street but I am trying to do better so we rode over
to talk to her. We got to her and I could see tears streaming down
her dark face. I knew at this moment that she needed help. Not help
from the world. She had already been through that source of relief.
She needed help from our Heavenly Father. I handed her a plan of
salvation pamphlet and testified all about the love He has for us. His
plan for us and the opportunity to live with Him again. We talked
about the experiences she has had in her life and promised her that
God would never abandon her and if she was faithful she would
progress and be made stronger. As we rode away I felt accomplished. I
knew that she needed help and Heavenly Father used us to help her.
That is one of the biggest blessings of being our here. It is an
amazing feeling.

We have meetings each week where a group of us missionaries meet and
learn from the leader of our small district. These meetings are
normally very informative and nothing more. But this past Friday we
had a very spiritual time. We went over the Book of Mormon and how it
helps people to get over their concerns about wanting to join the
church. At the end of the meetings we role play how we would teach the
principles we just learned to real investigators. I had the chance to
play an investigator and I tried to make it as real as possible so
that everyone could learn and get something out of it. As we began I
played a little of the devils advocate but as we got into deeper
discussion there was no way I could deny the things they were saying
to me. Even trying to find them I failed. It was so incredible. I know
that this book is the word of God. I know that it is the keystone of
our religion and without it there is nothing but doubt and confusion.
We need to have strong testimonies if we are to withstand the societal
blows that will surly come to pass in the days to come.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity I have to serve in Arizona
and in the Glendale area. There are so many members here that are
ready to spread the gospel to those around them. It is funny that here
in the states we have different problems and trials then our fellow
missionaries in foreign countries. For instance we never have to worry
about food, housing or transportation. But then again we do have to
deal with pride, wealth, and misinformation. Each trial is unique and
each one can easily be solved in Heavenly Fathers own way. We just
need to have faith. That is all it really takes.

I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. Special shout out to my
sister Alex for having a beautiful baby girl, Eleanor Ann Ford, this
last Friday. I am officially an uncle!!

Elder Cole Safford

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