Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Glendale Week 55 *September 1, 2014

Hello hello, 

This week was full of changes. Transfers were on Wednesday and since Elder Thomas left for Brazil I knew that for sure I was getting a new companion. Now whether I was moving areas or not was a different story all together. On Tuesday we for the text and elder Crane was the only one getting transferred. Which meant that I am spending another six weeks here in this same area. I was a little bummed because change is always good and it helps you to not get lazy but I also know that there is a reason that I need to be here. I just have to find out what it is. 

Well Wednesday rolled around and we went down to the transfer building. There were a ton of changes going on throughout the mission so instead of having only the people being transferred go he brought the entire mission there. Being a new mission president he wants to make a few changes in the mission so bringing everyone together was an easy way to let everyone know of those changes. My new companions name is Tyler Pemberton. He has been out for 15 months and is from Houston Texas. He really likes to collect things and play online video games. He is pretty knowledgeable on just about everything so I am never wondering what stuff is because he lets me know about it haha. 

We had the opportunity to receive some new referrals from a member across town which has greatly increased our teaching opportunities. I am excited to work hard and get the things done that need to be done. Most of our time this past week has been spent introducing Elder Pemberton to the ward auxiliary leaders and just working with them to find out what route to take in this wonderful work. 

Nothing too exciting happened this week and I'm sorry about that. I will try to make some memorable experiences next week so that I have more to write about. I love you all and hope that you have a great week filled with amazingness. Remember who you are and don't do many thing that I wouldn't do. 

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford 

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