Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Glendale Week 57 *September 15, 2014

Hi friends!

I want to just want to tell you all the biggest and best thing that I have ever learned while here in Arizona... You ready? Alright here it is: attitude is everything. Such a simple phrase and yet it changes out whole lives if we truly live it. Absolutely everything we go through can be for our benefit if we just look at it in that light. We need to see the greater picture and stop being so narrow minded. God is not a dumb guy. He knows every fiber of our being. He knows what we need exactly when we need it. Just because a silver platter doesn't end up on our doorstep with the knowledge we need written on a nice note doesn't mean that god doesn't give us the opportunities everyday to learn. I know that right now in my life is a testing period. The chance I have now to stay positive and keep working hard will help me for the rest of my life. How many of us have ever been stuck doing something that was once exciting but has lost its zest over time? Probably all of us. But if we can work hard all the way till the vary end then we will be able to stick with and accomplish life's greatest challenges. Well that's it. That's what I've learned. I think that regardless of anything else I learn that is what I really needed. That's why I'm here in this area for so long. Now comes the application. I have to practice what I preach and really put my whole heart into the work. Go hard or go home empty handed. It's my choice. Haha. 

This week was awesome. I have grown a ton and I am really figuring out how to let my companion take the lead and do the things that he thinks will work. I am finding that I have a bias when it comes to certain families just because I have been here so long. I'm all like "umm... I have already been to them... Three months ago..." Haha. But now that I have a fresh pair of eyes and a new mind I want to learn how to step aside and let the Holy Ghost do it's job dang it! That's a hard thing for me to do. But I am making progress and it is really working out. We have had such meaningful lessons with members and have been inviting them to invite their friends to the Phoenix Temple open house and they have all been so willing! It's wonderful! We are going to see a lot of growth and progress come from this in the next few months. We will be so busy! I better mentally prepare now!

We finally found out what we will be doing as missionaries for the Phoenix temple cultural celebration! We along with the 3000 youth will be singing a special arrangement of "called to serve" as well as "keepers of His light"! It's going to be super amazing. In keepers of his light there is a section of it where we get to do it in sign language! Crazy I know. They have sent out all the music and mp3 versions so that we can practice and get well acquainted with the music. And we have to practice the sign language portion and get it passed off haha. It's so hard. But it must be done!!

Our investigators have been standing us up this week so we have not had the opportunity to teach them as much as we would have liked. I am getting to the point where I want to be super bold with them and help them make the black and white choice. Either they are going to learn how to have a better god, spirit filled life or they need to stop leading us on. It's really heartbreaking when they cancel lessons last minute and then never reschedule you know?! This is a new week and we will do all we can to make it amazing!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Cole Safford

 The one and only Elder Pemberton. He is wearing this game called butt head where you throw balls at his head and he has to catch them for points haha.
We heard a HUGE crash right outside our window late Tuesday night. This car rolled four times. Luckily no one was hurt too bad. But I thought this was a really cool photo. 

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