Monday, September 29, 2014

Glendale Week 59 *September 29, 2014


After months of being here and trying to figure out why I am still
here I think I may have found my answer in the form of a new
investigator. His name in Jonathan. About three weeks ago we were
doing service for a non member named Larry, and we got a text from an
unknown was from a guy named Jeff in a nearby ward that had
a friend who wanted to learn more. There was a phone number there so
we called and nothing happened. No answer. No call back. We tried to
call again but still there was nothing. So I gave up. All we had was a
name and a number. We tried calling so that was all we could do. Well
a week rolls by and we finally get a text from Jonathan saying that he
would like to meet with us. We started texting back and forth and
found that he crummy living situation and that he just wanted to turn
his life around. We tried a few different times to meet with him but
unfortunately something always came up on his end. We were finally
able to sit down with him at the church this past Friday. He is such
an amazing man. He has gone through a lot of trials including
adoption, jail and deaths but he is ready to move on. We asked him if
he was interested in being baptized and he said "I'm not interested in
it.... I am going to be baptized really soon." It was powerful. Since
he has a rough past he needed someone to just be honest with him. I
was able to be that person. I told him everything he needed to do and
change in order to be baptized. I could tell it was a shock that I was
so forward. But I know that confusion comes if we are not straight to
the point. He is set to be baptized on October 25th.

We had a pretty amazing Micro-Burst storm roll through town this week
and surprisingly it did a lot of damage. Since there is not much rain
here the trees have very shallow roots so they can soak up the water
that's close to the service. Well add 70 mph winds and you know what
happens. I have never seen so many trees and walls and fences strewn
all over the place. We were inside for the most of it so we were not

The Phoenix temple celebration is coming up pretty fast and we as
missionaries are pretty excited. It is a very simple way for people to
talk to their friends and neighbors about the gospel. We have not got
any teaching appointments out of it yet but I know it will come for
sure. The main thing I learned this week is that there is more we can
do then just invite someone to one activity. We need to follow up with
our friends and keep them accountable. The initial invite is just the
beginning. If they feel the spirit their curiosity will be peaked and
they will want to do something more. It doesn't have to be straight to
missionary lessons, but it can be a ward activity, dinner and your
place, or if we're brave enough we can invite them to church. The
point is that we cannot just leave them hanging. We are their friend
and their initial contact for the spirit. Help them learn how to have
it everyday of their lives.

I have had a trial the past six weeks that has really forced me to
focus on my attitude. There are so many days that I believe I can't do
it. That I cannot move forward. But then I remember that God is real.
That his love for me in infinite and that I can do all things through
Christ, who strengthens me. I am so grateful for everything that has
happened. I bore my testimony yesterday in sacrament on this same
thing. I know people have it much worse then me. I just try to see the
good in all things. That's all we can do I guess. No point in
complaining about things you cannot change.

I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for the letters of love and
Until next week,

Elder Cole Safford

This is Larry. We help him build his house probably three times a
month. Nice guy. The little guy in the red shirt is Elder Stults.

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