Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peoria Week 85 *April 6, 2015

Hello to everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic week leading into Easter and especially a great day rebbe ring the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Out here in Arizona we had a great time! The weather is absolutely gorgeous and people are slowly progressing which is nice. We had the chance to give a ton of service this week. It ranged from pulling weeds, moving furniture, picking fruit and pulling more weeds. For the past couple of months no one was letting us come over and help them out with anything. Then elder Johnston and I made the conscious effort to really see what they needed help with and now we have so many opportunities it's almost too much! It's good though. Anytime I start to get done or just the day isn't going great, as soon as I go out and serve my attitude is flipped completely around. It really is a good work to do. Everyone needs help they just don't like to ask for it. Pulling weeds is a specialty of ours now and I think the amount of hours I have done it should improve my job resume. We found it to be way easier if we bring 5 gallon buckets to sit on and just have a good conversation all the while we just keep pulling pulling pulling. Haha.

Our investigator Margaret and her husband Tim, who is a member, had us over for dinner in the middle of the week for some authentic Italian. Tim was in the military and was stationed in Italy for a few years so Margaret learned how to cook really well. We had Pasta carbonara which was sooo good! Oh my. It had bacon and cream and cheese all rolled into the pasta. Then to top it off we had coca cola cake. That stuff is made by the devil himself. The next day we were helping our mission office clean out an apartment of furniture when our truck,  "Donnie" short for Donatello the ninja turtle, decided he had enough and wouldn't go into drive. So onto the tow truck he went and we got to drive a new fusion around for the day. It was pretty dang fun. Good news was that Donnies damages were not too bad and he is back in business doing the lords work.

General conference took up our whole weekend but it was well worth the time! All of our investigators bombed out on us and didn't make it to any of the sessions so we had to watch them alone. But a few other missionaries also didn't have a place to watch it so we all went down the the church and got the whole chapel to ourselves to listen to the Lords anointed servants. There were so many good talks that I cannot say which one was my favorite but I did really love Jeffery R. Holland and also Kevin W. Pearson who talked about staying by the tree of life and the importance of it. Those two talked really stuck out but I am sure as I read over the others things will become clear too. Elder Johnston's mom sent us matching Easter ties so we matched on Sunday and my mom sent we a rocking floral print so I wore that to the priesthood session of General conference. It was a good day of ties haha.

We knew that April fools was coming up so we had to try and think of something good to do to the elders that we are the closest to and one of the embers gave us the idea and the Saran Wrap to wrap their whole car up. Then we had the idea to get water balloons and soak the missionaries as they left their apartment for their morning run. Well with all the ducks in place things went exactly to plan and we were able to prank them pretty good. They were good sports and it was a lot of fun. They still haven't gotten us back which is kind of nerve wracking so we are always on the look out haha.

In Arizona a ton of people and even the city use flood irrigation instead of sprinklers because the ground is so hard. So we took the opportunity last pday to play some ultimate frisbee at a flooded park. It was so much fun and it was a great way to refresh.

Well I love you all and thank you for the prayers and support. Hope you have an amazing week and I will talk to you next time.

Elder Cole Safford

1. Donnie on the tow truck
2. April fools prank
3. Ultimate frisbee in the flooded park
4. Our district of missionaries

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