Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peoria Week 89 *May 5, 2015

We were at church on Sunday and a guy walked in was a full retro Star
Wars tie on. I asked him what the special occasion was and he said
"May the fourth be with you." I have never heard that before and I was
laughing so hard! So for all of you who love Star Wars I hope you
enjoyed May 4th.

Alexis and Rob came to church this Sunday for the first time and had a
great experience. It was testimony meeting and everyone that bore
their testimonies did a real good job at keeping them short sweet and
focused on specific points of the gospel. Rob works nights so he only
had three hours of sleep before coming to church so I was proud of him
for being a trooper. They only stayed for sacrament but you've got to
start somewhere. Bishop Owens had a family home evening at his home
and invited Alexis, Rob and us to come. It was a really fun time. We
ate ice cream and sang songs and watched a Mormon message about the
influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Everyone had really great
insights and it made for a good discussion. Alexis and Rob are so
close to making the step towards baptism. It is going to come down to
helping them see that there is where they need to be both for them and
for their family.

We had Mission leadership council which was focused on how we can
raise the vision of the mission and help missionaries see the value in
setting realistic goals and creating plans to achieve those goals. We
talked a lot about Facebook and how we can use it effectively to share
the gospel in our own areas. We are no longer allowed to communicate
with people back home even if they are not members of the church. We
are really tying to use Facebook as another tool for the work of God.
Not just to see what our friends are doing or to waste our time on. I
am pretty excited because I am learning how to use technology to its
full extent and how not to get stuck surfing thought the garbage that
is on the Internet. It will be a valuable tool for me and I know it
will help a ton of missionaries. We took what we learned and brought
the water to the end of the row in our zone meeting. We had a bunch of
great discussions and the missionaries really came away with some good
insights and things to apply.

I always love going to dinner in the YSA because it is always some
type of adventure. This week we went to In-N-Out with one member and
then the following day we went to Applebee's. It's a blast going with
people that are pretty close to the same age as you and getting to
learn all about their mission experiences and what works for them in
school and what doesn't. Our YSA has been planning a big family home
evening for the past few months and it sounded like it was going to be
amazing. There was BBQ, gigantic slip n slides, and lawn games. Well
it's was pretty stormy the past few days and on Monday it was
especially bad. They went through with the activity despite the weather
but when everyone got their they figured out that the park had been
flood irrigated a few days prior so it was like a lake! People still
came and it was a blast for the 15 minutes we stayed.

Well transfers is this week and in typical fashion I am staying in my
current area but Elder Johnston is leaving. It's a bummer when you get
to know someone and find that you have a ton in common and then boom!
Their gone and you have to start it all over with the next guy. But
hey that's mission life and I am pretty used to it. I am exited to see
who my new companion is and I will let you all know next week. Love
you all! Thanks for everything.

Elder Cole Safford

1. Elder Pettingills(my first companion) last day in the mission
2. All the scorpions we found in our backyard. Yikes!

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