Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peoria Week 86 *April 13, 2015

Hey hey hey!
This week went really great as far as member missionary work goes. There's a really cool story that took place in the YSA that restored my faith that ward members missionary work makes things happen. There is a member in our ward named Brian who came out on splits with us. Both he and Elder Johnston put down a girls name to go by and see. Her name is Crystal. As they drove over there they both had a good feeling that the visit would benefit Crystal a lot. When they got there she was not home but they had a good conversation with her grandpa and found out a lot of useful information. They found out that her days off of work are Mondays and Bryan decided that he would go and try and visit her again the next Monday. He called us and asked if we would like to join and of course we said yes! We met him there and just like the grandpa said Crystal was home. The grandpa was more than happy to let us in to talk with Crystal because he was very active in the church and wanted her to be the same. As we started talking we realized that all of her interests were also Brian's interests to. What a coincidence! It was a picture perfect scene out of a fairy tale. Crystal is less active and has been for  10 years but Brian being the great member missionary that he is invited Crystal to come to family home evening that very night. She agreed and got in the car with him and drove to FHE. A week later we saw her at church for the first time in years and when we asked who she came with it was our boy Brian that pulled through. We congratulated Brian on doing a great job and being a wonderful missionary and he said he couldn't have one it without us. It was such a cool experience to see heavenly father inspire us and Brian to help out Crystal and also for Brian to make a new friend and potentially a wife haha. Blessings really do come as we try our best to reach out to others and be their friends.

We had opportunity to go do a just serve project at in old thrift store. There is a town in Arizona called Sun City that you can only live in if you are above the age of 55. Which means that everyone is old, can't see, can't drive and have funky clothes. The thrift store was tucked away in a corner of the shopping center and filled with I don't even know what. They had us go into the back and it was as if a tornado hit a trailer park. There was literally stuff everywhere and no rhyme or reason to anything. The manager had us pick stuff up and assess its quality and then put a price that we thought would be reasonable. I guess when the whole things is run by donations any profit is still profit. I hope that he wasn't mad but I don't think I put a single thing for more than three dollars. One of the missionaries and I got roped into sorting books and VHS movies. It wasn't such a bad deal because the table that we are sitting out was right next to the radio that was playing all the classic hits from the 80s. It was a tender mercy from the Lord and I still have the songs stuck in my head. All the people working there were grateful for our service and we plan to go back this coming week as well. It should be a hoot as the old people say.

Our family ward has been doing really well with finding people for us to eat with. They even called a lady name sister Horn to be in charge of a dinner calendar. One of our favorite families that we teach quite often signed up to feed us named the Danielsons. We texted them to confirm our dinner the night before and they said that we are good to come by. As we showed up the next day at 5 o'clock for dinner we realize that they totally spaced that we were coming to actually eat haha. As we walked in the door there was reminance of the dinner on the table and also on the counters and in the sink. Luckily both Elder Johnson and I are observant and knew that we were on our own for dinner that night. We sat down and acted as if we weren't there for dinner and just shared the message that we plan to share after dinner. As the lesson was wrapping up we asked if there's anything we can do for them and they said that they were good for the time being. And still there was no mention of being physically fed by dinner at all. We were all spiritually fed and that seemed to suffice for the time being. We thank them for letting us come by and then proceeded to drive to Quiznos subs to treat ourselves to dinner. It was one of those situations that can only happen as a missionary and I was grateful that I was able to participate. These things don't happen very often but when they do they always make for a good story and you can always laugh about it later. I know that they didn't mean to do it and that they probably would've been crushed if we had told them that they forgot so we're just going to let it slide.

Thank you all for everything and I hope you have an amazing week filled with great adventure. It's out there you just have to find it! Talk to you next week.

Elder Cole Safford

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