Monday, August 19, 2013

Glendale week 1 *August 19, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!
They have shipped my down south to La Loma In and around Glendale. The first day I was so nervous to meet my trainer because I really wanted someone who knew the doctrine well. So the new missionaries and the trainers were all sitting in this big room and one by one the mission president called a new missionarry up in alphabeticle order and then assigned them to a trainer and an area. I was called to train with Elder Pettingill. He is 6'6" so it looks really funny when we stand next to each other hahaha but he is super enthusiastic and he is really great at training. We got back to the apartment and is was a bomb!! hahaha it was so gross. I made him take the day to clean it up because it was absolutly gross. I know so not like me right?! haha But we have been making real progress with the investigators that he had previous to me coming into the field. They are all really close and I love them all already. The ward family is so strong in the gospel. There are so many great families that always want us over to have food or just to bless their home with our "presence". I really love going into a families home because it just reminds me of my own home and the love that we share there.
The weather here is actually really nice and not at all how everyone talks about it. It is a miracle that I have not gotten fried yet but I guess you just dont do that here. Everyone guesses I am from Cali haha I don't know why that is. I really love talking to people and find myself always running my mouth even when they are not interested in what I have to say. I really want you all to know how much you all mean to me and how much I have grown in the past 2 weeks. I love the lord with all my heart and hope that everything is going well.
I feel so at home in the sacrament meetings. I was sitting in sacrament meeting with my head down and for a moment I found myself back in Simi sitting next to the family. I didn't dare look up or around because I didnt want to lose that special feeling I received. Sacrament meeting will be my home away from home for awhile. It's crazy that it happens that way hahaha.
I really have a soft spot for families that have tons of children and still make time for us missionaries. It is really cool to see how much we mean to them haha I would have never guessed it would be that way. I am always hungry and everynight I have the craziest dreams from the deep deep sleep that I go into from the shear exhaustion. $30 a week for food is quite difficult to live off hahaha
Just know that I am doing alright and that everything is progressing and building me stronger as a member of the church and a son of god.

Love Elder Cole Safford

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