Sunday, August 11, 2013

MTC week 1 *August 2, 2013

hey everyone!
the MTC is great! the spirit here is so strong all the time. the teachers here are all so knowledgeable in the gospel. each class you go to you grow closer to the lord. we have tons of personal study time and it is really great to learn abiout the book of mormon and really disect each verse to find the meanings behind them. the west campus of the MTC is really nice. there areonly 6 elders in each apartment including myself. the dorms are really clean and big. the food is not the best because the cafeteria is under construction but they are said to improve on monday. it is deffinetly hard to stay focused for so long because i have never studies the gosple like this ever in my life. i just have to continually pray to have the spirit with me and to feel gods love for me. i know without a shadow of a doubt that this church is true. we got to simulate teaching an investigator and it was really nerve racking. but my companion elder hamilton is a great young man and together we were able to let the lord teach through us and that is a really great feeling. everywhere you walk there are other elders and sisters trying to stay in tune with the gospel and love oneanother so the atmosphere here is great. no fighting or yelling, just love of the savior. i miss my family so much but as one elder put it, i would rather be away from my family for 2 years so that others can be together for eternity. i try to stay in tune with the spirit at all times and try to focus on being the best missionary the lord can have. we dont teach the people, the spirit does. all we have to do is be worthy enough to have it come through us. love you all and i will write in one week.

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