Monday, August 26, 2013

Glendale week 2 *August 26, 2013

Hey everyone!! It has been a great week for me! There are so many little moments that go on that make all the hard times bareable. Like there was this one night that I woke up at 2:00 AM aftering hearing my companion yell and freak out as he ran out the front door. I was so scared and had no idea what was going on. In my half awake sleep mode I ran to the door to find my companion standing outside in nothing but his garmets! He had my towel wrapped around his waist and his church shoes on and tied hahaha I asked him what in the world he was doing outside in no clothes. He proceeded to explain to me in a slurr of words that he had millions of spiders all over him and that was the only way to get them off!!! hahaha He had no recolection of the event in the morning. I dont know if he blocked it out on purpose or if he was sleep walking...

 There are little things that I find so odd about Arizona. Like for some reason people tend to have two of the EXACT same car in their driveways. We have seen about 9 houses that have this. Also we have found that people use little rocks as grass and they use bigger rocks as plants. They still feel the need to water them too. One day we were on our way to a lesson and were headed down a street and heard gun shots. The both of us were out of there faster than anything in the world hahaha I was so freaked out hahaha

 I have also found a new appreciation for mothers because shopping for food is so hard and stressfull!! I have no idea how they do it so often. I just go in and buy whatever I see that looks good hahaha I never have planned meals .

The days feel like weeks and the weeks go by in what seems like a day. I look back on sundays and I have no idea where the week went. Speaking of Sunday everyday in sacrament meeting there is a little girl that sits in front of us and every week she completely covers her face in stickers hahah its so great. We have been getting fed dinner almost every night. Its really nice to have a home cooked meal. But all they cook us is lasagna!!! I have had it 7 times in the past 2 weeks!! I hope I never have it again hahahaha but it sure is good and a hearty meal so I dont complain too much haha. There is this one family that feeds us all the time, They are the Rowe family, and they have a little 4 yr old boy named Curtis who is insane!!! He never stops talking and moving and yelling. He is literally like the Energizer bunny in the body of a little boy.

 The spiritual side of my mission is going so great! we teach lots of lessons and talk to so many people on the streets. As we talk we try to set up a follow up appointments but they usually just say they are not interested or if they say yes they dont answer the phone when we call. We have only had one person run from us screaming "ITS THE MORMONS" so thats good hahaha I have learned so much about my abilities to teach and how I want to be seen as a missionary. There are all these liitle saying and phrases that really help. Like "we are born to be a warrior of light with the power of God" or "if you want more blessings in the gospel... share it" These little phrases really remind me of just who we are and the responsibility we have as members of the church. You can all be misssionaries in you own lives and should always look for an opportunity to shre the light you have. I am really falling in love with the people we teach and care about the bond they have with their Father in Heaven. I cannot wait to continue to grow and have this desire to keep progressing.
I am really not that short!! Elder Pettingill is 6'6
 I love you all.
 Until next week.
 Elder Cole Safford

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