Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glendale Week 31 * March 17, 2014

**Note: This is an old email from March. Cole sent it to a different mailbox by mistake and I just recently found it =)

> Transfers came and went. As well as my old companion Elder Nielsen. We
> definitely had a ton of excitement and a blast together but as the
> mission goes on I am finding that change is inevitable. I stayed in my
> area and got a new companion. The way the transfer meetings work here
> is that assemble all those getting moved and their old companions
> together and go down the list and assign missionaries to their new
> companions and new area. I am in the last zone of the whole mission so
> I was the last person to know who my new companion was. I felt equally
> as bad for my new companion Elder Thompson because he had to wait
> until the very end as well to know where he was going to end up. He
> told me that he felt like they had forgotten to call his name or
> something cause it took soo long. Haha.  My old companion Elder Nielsen headed 
up to
> flagstaff to escape the summer heat so I am a little but on the
> jealous side of the fence as of now.
> Elder Thompson is from Idaho, Rexburg area and has been out now on his
> mission for 13 months. At first he was a little quiet but he has now
> gotten the hang of the new area and me as his companion( which is a
> lot for anyone to handle)  he has become himself. He is way fun and
> brings a lot to the area and the work that is taking place. Now that
> he is here the worked has zoomed off and we have had little spurts of just
> wonderful success. I am excited to see what the future holds for us.
> Unfortunately he is taller then me so that is his only downfall.
> This past week we met with a lady named Jeanna (pronounced Jean-a) who
> went through the Gilbert temple open house. Her best friend is a
> member and her grand daughter converted just before marrying her
> fiancé who is a member. She was Catholic but said that she was done
> with that church and was ready for something more complete. We met
> with her the first time and taught the restoration. She believed every
> word that we spoke and even had extensive knowledge about Joseph smith
> from watching the BYU station on the television. We invited her to be
> baptized and she said YES! Oh it was so great. We set up another
> appointment and this time we did it in a members home. We taught her
> the plan of salvation and she believed it all as well. She accepted
> the baptismal date of April 12th! I am so very excited for her. She is
> a golden daughter of God and is so ready to find the truth. I cannot
> wait to teach her what I know and allow the spirit to tell her it is
> all true.
> Short email this week because I don't have any funny stories that took
> place. Sorry. Anyways thank you to Alex for the wonderful letter to
> me. It really did make my day. You have a beautiful baby bump and I
> know Ellie is going to be a killer kid.
> I love you all. Have a great day,
> Elder Cole Safford

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