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Glendale Week 36 *April 22, 2014

Why hello there,

This week was jam packed with lots of activities and a lot of
potential for the future. For the past two months the ward has been
planning a community Easter activity that happens every year. In the
past it was mainly focused on the primary and the ward family but
since the hastening of the work and this ward getting a new ward
mission leader, we made the push to make this activity one of the
biggest missionary moments of the year. This started out with us
wanting to make some flyers promoting the activity. We didn't have
anyone in the ward that felt comfortable creating a great looking card
so I tried to make one but failed miserably. Then the spirit yelled at
me to use the one man that I could always count on... My father. As
many of you know he is a graphic designer so this simple project would
surely not be a hassle for him. Well he pulled through with flying
colors and made some amazing cards. The ward was so impressed that I
think my dad just got another client for life haha. On Saturday the
twelfth the ward came out and helped pass out the flyers in the
morning and we were able to get a large chunk finished. However on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday elder Thompson and I spent just about
5 out of the 7 hours we have each day to proselyte, going from door to
door handing out these flyers to finish off the batch they printed. We
had help from the young men and the elders quorum so we were able to
pass out all 1700 cards! I know. It was a lot.

By the time Saturday the nineteenth rolled around we were pretty
excited. I hoped that people would feel the light of Christ urging
them to come to the activity. We got there at 9:15 and the party had
already started. There were SO many people there. It was amazing! All
over the park people were chatting and laughing and just having a good
time. The breakfast was delicious and there was plenty for everyone to
eat. With all these members of the community there elder Thompson and
I really could not talk to them all. Luckily this ward realized that
and made an effort to talk with everyone. It worked out so well. We
have a bunch of people who are potentially interested in learning more
and a few families I know will one day follow the example of Jesus
Christ. The work is going to take off here pretty soon.

On Friday we had our quarterly interviews with the mission president.
He likes to have 7-10 minute interviews with each missionary so you
can see that this would take up a ton of time. To help us be
productive and effective they use this time to instruct us and help us
to becoming better teachers and communicators. I always love these
meetings. In the middle of the meeting we have lunch and I have made
 it a tradition to bring cheese pizza lunchables. So that is was I 
ate haha. The actual interview was great. I told him of the plans I 
have for the future months and he asked me questions on
how I thought I was progressing. I never really ask myself those
questions so it is nice to ponder them and truly see how far I have
come. He posed the question "what do you want to be like in five
years?" I realized that everything I want to be like and the traits I
want to have will come from dedication to the gospel and to my
Heavenly Father. I pose that same question to all of you. Ponder it.
Study it out. Work on it everyday. I know it will bless your life and
give you a goal to reach for.

Easter was very spiritual day. There were some speakers in sacrament
meeting that spoke on the atonement and just how much it means to
them and the value of eternal life. I know that these things are true
and that these members know that as well. I wish that I could hear
those talks again and feel that same spirit over and over. It was 
remarkable. I know that Jesus is the Christ and our Savior and Redeemer.
 I know that because of him we will all live again. This life is not easy and it is
not supposed to be. But through Christ all things are possible and no
sin can hold us back from being the people that we need to be. I love
you all. Thank you to those who wrote me letters and to my mom for the
amazing Easter package. People now know when the missionaries are
behind them because they hear me coming haha. Have a great week

Until next week,

Elder Cole Safford

Our Easter activity

Trying to say hello to everyone!


North Phoenix Missionaries

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