Monday, April 14, 2014

Glendale Week 34 *April 8, 2014

Hello everyone,

As I am on my mission longer I'm coming to realize that not every
single week is going to be filled with miraculous events and great
stories to tell. But that doesn't mean that those weeks are any less
great than the other weeks in which those things do happen. I know
that every day and every week is going to be wonderful because I am
serving my Heavenly Father and I'm serving people of Arizona. This
past week was one of these weeks. I don't have any funny stories to
tell and I don't have any miraculous events that took place but I did
work very hard and I did make my Heavenly Father proud I hope. I know
that people have their agency and that as a missionary all we have to
do is put forth our best effort and Heavenly Father will make up the
difference. I suppose that is all He can expect out of anyone. He just
wants us to show him that we care and eventually want to follow Him
and be his disciple. I'm just now coming to realize that there's a lot
more that I can do to be a better representative of Jesus Christ.
Wearing a name tag and a white shirt and a tie will not do it alone.
It has been tough to change into the individual that I know that
Heavenly Father wants me to be but I think that the progress I've made
is substantial and will last for the rest of my life. I'm so excited
to see where Heavenly Father takes me in this journey and I'm excited
to see who I can affect and who I can bring closer Heavenly Father.

We have been trying to find new investigators anyway we can. But for
some reason as we continually search for ways to find these
investigators we don't have to much success on our own. It is very
interesting that Heavenly Father notices our efforts and then  gives us 
what we are seeking. For instance we have been
working with all the members whether they be fully active members, less
active members, or newly baptized members and trying to help them to
come closer to Christ by taking the next step and make the next
covenant. Whether that be coming back to church and partaking of the
sacrament full-time or going to the temple. I have seen a lot of
wonderful changes in peoples lives and I'm happy that I'm able to do
such a great work with these members. However we have not had much
success using members when it comes to finding new investigators. But
on the other hand we have received four investigators this past week by other
various means. Whether that be the bishop talking to people or whether
that be someone at the college talking to one of the members and just
asking more about our church. It is exciting to be able to teach these
people and it is exciting to work with them. Elder Thompson and I  are moving
along great and we are really working as hard as we can to be the best missionaries
and we can.

This week was filled with service which is something that we don't
normally do but I really like to do it. At home I never really liked
to serve and I never really liked to put my shoulder to the wheel and
put forth that kind of effort. I just thought that other people would
do it and that the job would get done with or without me so why did I
need to go. But since coming on a mission I really found it I'm the
happiest when I'm serving people, when I am doing what Jesus Christ
did and loving people unselfishly. We have been working with a
gentleman named Larry for the past couple of weeks and it is really
exciting time to see him grow fonder of missionaries and to really
appreciate the work that we do. He has not accepted to take the
lessons but I truly hope that the seeds we are planting will one day
blossom into him coming closer to Jesus Christ.

Jean Elliott had her baptismal interview a few days ago and she passed
with flying colors. She is a wonderful wonderful lady and I'm so
excited to see her enter the baptismal font waters and make that
sacred covenant with her Heavenly Father to take upon her Jesus Christ
name and always remember him. Even though neither elder Thompson nor
myself will be performing the actual baptism I am just excited to see
her be baptized. I know that the work that we have done with her
through the Spirit has been able to change her life. I know that she
is ready to make that covenant and she is ready to one day share the
gospel with her family in the next life. I hope that she sees the love
that we have for her and feels of the love that God has for her. She's
going to be baptized this Saturday at 1 o'clock so in my next email I
will be sure to let you know how it went and the feelings and
impressions that I received while at the baptism.

Finishing off the week was with conference. It is so so great to hear
the apostles of the Lord, to be able to feel their sweet spirit and
the love that they have for us. I know the revelation which they
receive is for our day and our age. I know that we are to heed their
council and we will exceed in this life. For the majority of my life I
always listen to conference and I was listening to the words of the
apostles but being a missionary we have learned that if you listen to
the spirit and listen to your thoughts and impressions that come to
your mind, you'll be up to get a lot more out of conference and you'll
be able to receive that personal revelation for yourself and for the
area in which you cover. I tried to do this at conference and I feel
that I was more spiritually uplifted than I have ever been before. I'm
excited to implement the things which I have learned. I know that we
all can receive the same personal revelation and it doesn't just have
to be when conference is on. We can go back to reread the talks and
listen to them and receive that revelation Heavenly father needs us to
have. I hope that you all do that and that you all will read over the
talks again and just get the most out of them that you can.

I hope that you'll have a wonderful week and you remember that you are
sons and daughters of God and that He truly does care about you. Thank
you for all the prayers.


Elder Cole Safford

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