Monday, April 14, 2014

Glendale Week 32 *March 24, 2014

Hey hey family, friends and the person stalking my blog,

This week was full of great appointments in which individuals came
closer to God through making the commitment to be baptized by emersion
for a remission of their sins. At the beginning of my mission I was so
scared to invite people to be baptized but I quickly came to the
realization that by inviting people to do something that seems like a
huge step brings out their concerns much quicker than trying to guess what they are

So last week I told you about Jeanna Elliot. Well things with her are
going really great. We met with her and finalized the date of April
12th and she wants her grandson in law to baptize her which is a
wonderful thing. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ which
includes faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost and enduring to the
end. There was nothing that we said that she did not agree with. She
was even able to tell us about some of the things before we even
taught her because of her grand daughter who has been telling her
things for a while now. We had some time left in the lesson before our
next appointment so we taught her the word of wisdom, law of chastity
and the law of tithing. She already knew about all these things so there
 were no surprises and everything went great! 

Our ward has been doing really wonderful at inviting people to come to
church and come to various activities and so far it has been paying
off. Last week we taught lessons to two people that we had met before
but never actually taught. It was exciting for sure. I know that as
members continue to share their testimonies with non members more and
more people are going to want to hear about the church and in turn the
gospel it's self. Continue to be a light to your friends and to the
people you come in contact with everyday. In the life after this one
they will thank you for all that you did. Even if that was just being
a good example and keeping the standards which we have.

When I first got my new companion he didn't really talk much and he
was really nervous but something clicked and now he is a social
butterfly. I brought this up to him and he was like "I didn't know how
to take you or how to handle you!" Hahaha I gave him some slack and
told him I was just excited to see his true self. He is a great
missionary and a good friend. I know working and serving with him is
going to be a blast. Here's to a great time!

Love you all. Give a hug to my sister Alex if you see and congratulate
her on her baby girl due here pretty soon!

Mud masks from my mom


badminton anyone?

Elder Cole Safford

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