Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peoria Week 76 *January 26, 2015

Hey hey hey,

We have been building up this area for a few weeks now trying to get
the basic things happening and it finally is starting to show forth
fruit. The family ward that we cover has started to function like an
efficient family. Everyone is looking out for those that they have
stewardship over and we are making an effort to get those individuals
that have fallen away to come back through activities and fellowship.
Everyone has a part and it is a,along to see people care. It all comes
from the bishop and the people he has called to be leaders over the
other organizations. We as missionaries are being supported in our
effort and fitting in nicely with the work that the ward needs us to
do. It really has been a huge blessing. We have been trying our best
to work with the families that are partially members and then
partially not. It isomer often just a matter of time before the one
non member spouse gets baptized so we are playing the waiting game.

The family that is ready for baptism is the Brinkerhoffs. Chris is the
father and he has been married to Paisley for over 10 years. He has
gone through so many missionaries and just has not been ready for the
gospel and the commitment in his life. He used to blame it on the
cigarets and always being gone for work but his 8 year old son Justin
wants his dad to baptize him and you cannot do that if you aren't
baptized yourself. He works an absolute ridiculous schedule on an oil
rig and is only home for 7 out of the 30 days in a month. So we will
not get to teach him too often but he WILL be baptized as soon as we
finish the lessons. He is so cool. I love him a lot.

It is so cool to see the changes that meany people make in their lives
when they find the truth that is in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know
that this work is for a good reason. I know that more blessings will
come to you as you take the leap of faith and choose to follow christ
by action and not just in words. I love you all and if you are reading
this and you are not a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints then I would ask you to go out and find the nice boys
riding their bikes around town and talk to them. It will change your
life. Just like it has changed my fathers and consequently mine
forever. I will step off my soap box now. I just had to let you all
know that.

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford

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