Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peoria Week 77 *February 10, 2015


In our zone we have a companionship of Spanish missionaries and one of them happens to be the district leader. We get the opportunity to go on exchanges for the day with them and help them with whatever is needed. Well when I went on exchanges I got to teach Martha in broken Spanish who was preparing to be baptized this past week. For whatever reason I made a good enough impression on her and she invited elder Allen and I to attend the baptism. Holy shmoley Spanish baptisms are so much different. The culture all together is so polar that the way they run their meeting and everything are just a little crazy. It was a blast and I could barely understand a word. We sang in Spanish and watches the crazy little kids run around haha. It was a great experience and one I won't forget. More importantly we were able to support Martha on her special day. She wouldn't stop thanking us and taking pictures and smiling. In our family ward we have been working with the Danielson family and they are preparing to go to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Hey are going through some rough times and just want to learn as much as they can and progress towards their ultimate goal. They have two young girls and a a 2 year old boy and they are all nuts. The whole lesson they are all over the place and will not sit still. The Danielsons are always apologizing and trying to get things under control but in all reality that is just how young kids are. We do our best to teach them but sometimes it's just too much! Haha. This last lesson the 2 yr old boy Henry was standing int he middle of the room with a plastic red hammer thrusting it into the sky and spinning in a circle while yelling at the top of his lungs until he got too dizzy and fell over. He would wait a few seconds and be right back at it. It was so funny but at the same time you just wanted to swat the kid on the head haha.

We had a chance to go into the stakes high council meeting and teach them something that we are presenting to all the wards in the whole stake to get their feedback and approval. We took it as if we were just teaching the class and role played how it would all go down. Ultimately we are trying to teach and help the members know how to have gospel conversations with their friends and to make them normal and flow. We teach them a about it and have them break off and actually practice with each other a few times and then finish it off with some key learnings and testimonies. With the high council it went great and stale president fully approved it. It is going to be a huge help in future missionary work and helping the members be more available to teach and invite their friends.

As many of you know the Superbowl was held in Arizona. What many of you might not know is that I live 5 minutes away from where the stadium is! It was so cool to see the whole set up and the slow influx of fans throughout the city. Because it was such a big deal our mission president asked us to stay inside Sunday night to avoid any trouble that would come from angry fans mixed with alcohol and driving haha. We stayed in and played some board games and had dinner with the members that we live with. Elder Allen is a big patriots fan and when he heard about the game he was so pumped. We had to go to a Nike store by the stadium on Monday so he could by a patriots championship shirt haha. It was a fun and relaxing night all together.

Well I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week 
Until next week

Elder Cole Safford

1. Issac Rogers
2. Beautiful winter sunset
3. Super Bowl stadium!

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