Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peoria Week 78 *February 17, 2015

Hey hey hey!
Things are starting to work in our favor over here in the great state of
Arizona! The weather is absolutely amazing and the people are starting to
want to listen to the two white kids with name tags. I have told you about
Chris before. He is the nonmember father of a part member family that was
super ready to hear the lessons finally after many years of putting it off.
Well anyways last night we had a lesson with them and taught the plan of
salvation. Since he has had so much exposure to the gospel nothing is new
to him in the missionary lessons so they tend to go rather smooth and
simple. At the end of it we knew we needed to try and set a date for him to
be baptized. His work schedule is so wack that setting any type of date
rarely works out but we felt prompted to say that he could be home and
ready to be baptized by March 21st! He said he
would try his best to make it happen but no guarantees. You better believe
elder Allen and I are praying for a miracle! We are so excited for him. We
were also able to set a baptismal date for Dominic, a 10 year old boy of a
returning less active family.  They are a super great family and we hope
that the family gets fully active a ready to support his decision to follow
Christ's example.  So that's two people who are so close to be baptized!
It's such a good feeling knowing that you have helped someone make such a
big commitment that will being them so much happiness!

Well the day finally came that the missionaries that lived with us finally
got the OK to move back into their assigned house. It took a lot longer
then they would have hoped but it all worked out. Our house is now a lot
more spacious and a lot more quiet. The nights are a little boring right
before bed but that makes it easy to want to write in a journal or do other
productive things. It's tough to talk to elder Allen about what happened
during the day because he was there and  he already experienced it and we
already talked all about it. Hahaha. I got to go on exchanges this week win
my very first companion Elder Pettingill. It was pretty neat to see him and
do missionary work with him after 15 months of separation. He is a great
guy and I trust him a ton. We talked about goals and how are missions are
panning out and helped each other with whatever we could. It was a good
experience and I learned a lot from it. We were also. Finally able to find
some service opportunities throughout the ward which is a nice change of
pace. We did some weed picking for an elderly couple and let me tell
you.... I really dislike little rocks in people's front yards instead of
grass! Holy moley it makes picking weeds so much harder and just annoying
haha. I pledged that I will never have rocks.

We had a mission leadership council and talked all about obedience
throughout the mission when it comes to our iPads. We are doing well
compared to other missions apparently but we still have much improvement to
be made. It's a world wide problem and we are just trying to find the best
way to cure it. Zone meetings are always after a mission leadership council
and we do our best to get the water to the end of the row and teach the
rest of the missionaries all about what we learned and new things that we
are trying to accomplish in the mission. The power was out for the most
part of that meeting so we had windows and doors open for a natural
lighting haha.

Well today we received the transfer news and it looks like I will be
staying in the area with elder Allen for his last transfer. I am pretty
excited and we are going to go out swinging! Thank you all for the love and
support. Talk to you next week.

Until next time,
Elder Cole Safford
Our Zone

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