Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peoria Week 79 *February 23, 2015

Hello to all!

The longer I am in this Sun Valley ward the more I begin to love the people and the work that is going on. We don't have the most baptisms or the investigators right now but what we do have is members that are willing to do the work and to progress the gospel throughout this area. We have been training the different auxiliaries how to have a gospel conversation with their friends and so far we have had a ton of success. People are excited to share their experiences and they are getting more confident. The bishop is defiantly the source of the fire. His excitement and attitude is contagious. It's interesting to see how things work in the states as far as missionary work goes and in other countries. The members really are the foundation for everything that we do. But that's as it should be. We are all missionaries in some way, shape or form. It's cool to be able to recognize that now.

We had a great missionary opportunity this past week for the ward as far as less actives go. There are a group of about 10 men that have gone less active for whatever reason and still have net received the Melchizedek Priesthood. So this past Friday we held a mini fireside for them and their families to come learn more about it and how it applies to them. There was a nice dinner and games for the kids and then we had the fireside. The bishop and elders quorum president spoke to the men and their wives and really brought the spirit into the hearts of many. I know that I felt it and understood the importance of having the priesthood in my life. All of the individuals at we invited came and participated and then they all came to church the next day which was amazing. We are seeing them make changes in their lives and we couldn't be more excited. Sometimes people just need a gentle reminder of the things they are missing out on. Then it's up to them to make the choice.

I had a chance to go on exchanges with one of the Spanish missionaries in our zone. His name is elder Canny and he is from Norway. He speaks three languages! Norwegian, English and he is serving a Spanish mission. How sweet is that? He is the nicest guy ever. He has been out for just over a year and absolutely loves missionary work. I talked the whole day and was just drilling him with questions about the Spanish culture and Norway. He was a good sport and answered all the questions haha. We had a nice productive day and set up a ton of appointments which was really great.

Our investigator Chris is still progressing towards his baptism at the end of March. He is still working a bunch so it's hard to find the time to teach him but when we do teach him it's magic hahaha. I got to go to dinner with Bryce and Savannah Hays this week which is always a blast. We went to a play called Carved. They have burgers but they serve them in these non sweet thin waffles. It was way good. I always like going out with them because it's a little slice from home and I feel like they are the one family that I can really let my hair down with and have a good time. You know? Not in a bad disobedient way. Just different then most people.

We have some good things lined up for this next week so I am excited to be a missionary. For those of you that didn't hear, I got accepted into BYU Idaho! Woohoo. Elder Johnston and I celebrated how Californians do and got double doubles from In-N-Out! It was a great night. Love you all. Thanks for the support.

Until next week,
Elder Cole Safford

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