Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Peoria Week 83 *March 24, 2015

Hey everyone!

Transfers were this week and Elder Johnston and I will be staying together for another six weeks. We are both happy staying together and are positive this next transfer will be better then the last as far as our effectiveness goes. No matter what companion you get or where you go there is an amount of time referred to as the honeymoon stage. Elder Johnston and I are finally over that and understand how each other works and that we want to accomplish and how to go about doing it. Elder Johnston is really efficient when it comes to being organized in all aspects of missionary work. He has really taught me a bunch and made our area ready for miracles. I know that the things that will happen are going to be blessings from the time he and I spent organizing and showing the lord how bad we want it. 

I had the privilege this last Sunday to teach the primary how to be missionaries. We had two places to be at the same time so I got to go to the primary while he went to the YSA ward. I knew that I needed to keep the kids attention or it would be a disaster so I used my artistic nature and made a sweet poster all about missionary work and how they can be missionaries in their own lives. It was a really fun experience and I learned a lot as far as how to deal with little kids and hold their attention for more then 30 sec. While at the church I also had a lesson with our progressing investigator Chris. He is still set to be baptized and is looking forward to the day that he will be. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ which includes faith, repentance, baptism, relieving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end. He has been around the church for a long time so nothing I say is really new but more of a refresher course. He has made the decision to be baptized and nothing is going to stop him. They had us over for dinner a few nights ago and they had Buffalo Wild Wings. Chris always gets the hottest wings and dared myself and elder Johnston to eat just one. Well it was the worst idea of my life. I was literally dying. Never again. 

We had an investigator that was dealing with some legal issues and we totally thought he had been locked up but the other day we got a call and he wants to meet with us again! It is going to be so sweet! We have some appointments set up with him so hopefully he wants to progress as badly as we want him to. Our friend Dominic has been on the outs for the past few weeks. We haven't been able to meet with him which is a real bummer. The best way to find new investigators here is to use the members so that's what we have been trying to do. We set up as many appointments as possible and then go on splits with the ward missionaries. It has been pretty successful so far. We have also been working at doing service for people to try and open up their hearts to us. It's a good thing to do but man do I hate rocks. They are just the worst way to do your yard. Please don't get them. If you were thinking about it stop. Haha

Well I love you all. Talk to you next week 

Elder Cole Safford 

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