Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peoria Week 74 *January 12, 2015

To start this week off brother Crandell from my first area came over to our house to cut all of our hair. He is such a funny guy and really does a good job. His salon that he works at is literally right up the road but he only works on Tuesday and Thursday's, neither which are our preparation day so he makes the special trip out her just because he loves us. We talked about how everything was going in both this area and on my old one. He is still planning on taking me to the mission home at the end of my mission and giving me one final hair cut so all of you will think I look decent when I come home. All in all it was a fun visit. Our Monday basketball groove has been put to a screeching halt. Before transfers we had the four of us in our apartment that loved to play and so we would always go down together and things would be great. If we were lucky, which was almost every week, another household of four missionaries would also come play ball. But now we have a bunch of missionaries around us that don't like it too much and never really want to play. It's a real bummer because I was just starting to get the hang of things. Elder Allen and I still go down to the gym and play almost every week but it is defiantly not the same.

We had our monthly Mission Leadership Council this week and they are always very interesting. The first part of the meeting is dedicated strictly to following up on the things we said that we would do based on the last months meeting. People always have some excuse or whatnot but for e most part it keeps us on our toes and hold us accountable. Then we break for lunch and finish off with a deeply inspiring discussion lead by president Griffin himself. This month he really focused on obedience to God and how vital to our success that principle is. He used the example of Peter. Now Peter was a follow of christ, a disciple, and yet he still fouled up from time to time. One of the greatest stories of Peter is when he walked on water out to the savior. He had so much faith and faith precedes the miracle. He knew that if christ called him out onto the water he would be able to leave the safety of the boat and proceed to defy all logic by performing a miracle. It is important to note that the amount of faith is what allowed Peter to do this. It wasn't because christ needed him to, it wasn't to just talk with Peter, but it was to teach both Peter and all of us to this day that faith can conquer all. Obedience to God and his commandments is an act of faith and out faith is strengthened as we trust in God enough to do what he asks. His whole discussion really got the missionaries fired up to do missionary work. To be obedient and try our best each day.

Each week after Mission Leadership Council we hold a zone meeting and discuss what took place at the meeting. Only zone leaders attend the mission leadership council so we need to get the water to the end of the row some how. These meetings are generally lead by the zone leaders with much participation from the rest of the missionaries. Ours went very well and it was a huge success. We brought candy to pass out as people answered questions so maybe that's why they loved it so much. We got a new ward mission leader in the YSA and we are sure things are going to start to move forward. We have our fist meeting with him in a week so I will let you all know how he is dpi the next time I write home. I love you all and want to thank you for the prayers and thoughts. Keep up the good work. Talk to you soon.

Elder Cole Safford

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